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A (London Scottish) Company, the London Regiment in Iraq

37 soldiers of A (London Scottish) Company, the London Regiment have now been compulsorily mobilised for service in Iraq.

They have served as individuals attached to regular units, and, with other soldiers of the London Regiment, as members of Cambrai and Messines Companies. Although London Jocks have served in operational theatres all over the world since the War, including Bosnia and Kosovo, they have done so on a voluntary basis; these have been the first to be compulsorily mobilisations for some 57 years.

The tasks carried out by the soldiers have been varied; from reinforcing regular logistics units during the invasion of Iraq, to providing protection for Divisional Headquarters, convoy escorts, patrolling, and peace keeping after the war. Individual soldiers have also been attached to different units in roles such as press officers. London Jocks were also involved in nation building tasks, helping to supervise local elections, assisting engineers rebuilding Iraq's infrastructure, providing medical assistance and helping secure the nation's future.

Both companies of the London Regiment faced mortar and rocket attacks, roadside bombs and ambushes, armed hijacks, rocket propelled grenade attacks and shootings. During the period January 2004 - November 2004, three London Scottish soldiers were injured by enemy action, two seriously. A number more were injured in non operational circumstances.

The soldiers of the London Scottish carried out their mission in Iraq in difficult and dangerous surroundings. Together with the rest of the London Regiment, they were without doubt the best Territorial soldiers in Iraq. I am sure the London Jocks who served in Iraq in 1917-18 and 1942 would have been proud.

Strike Sure
Capt G Strickland

Second in Command
A (London Scottish) Company, The London Regiment

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List of those who were mobilised for Iraq (as at January 2005)

Op Telic - LCpl Chitty, LCpl Ross-Wilden

Op Telic 3 - Cambrai Company - Lt Strickland, WOII (SPSI) Brown, Sgt Nathan, Sgt Tantony, Cpl Kamara, LCpl Dawson, LCpl Hedley, Ptes Anderson, Akhtar, Cain, Clark, Dillon, Ewins, Farlam-Jones, Hardy, Hurd, Ilsley, Jolley, Kallend, Nwanou, Rowe

Op Telic 4 - Messines Company - Lt Panton, WOII (CSM) Hallett, Sgt Nimmo, Cpl Miller, LCpl Bachelor, Ptes Medina, Sayer, Newman, Hossain, Brooker, Turner, Waites, Miller. Individual mobilisation - CSgt Hetherington.

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